Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to slow down and reflect on things we are thankful for. We all have lots to be thankful for and this year one thing really stands out. This year I am very thankful to have my husband alive and by my side.

On April 25 my husband went out to dinner with his best friend, Josh. He got home about 9:45. 20 minutes later we received a text from Josh's wife, who was working the night shift at the hospital, that she couldn't get him to answer his phone and she was beginning to worry. Josh had been diagnosed with diabetes a month earlier and his wife was beginning to worry that something could have happened to him. Michael dropped Josh off at his house just 20 minutes before so we all began to think something was wrong. Michael headed back over to Josh's house to give every one a piece of mind. When he arrived he called Laura and began knocking on the door. After he received no response he began to knock on the windows. He even knocked on the windows by there bed...still no response. Michael then talked with Laura and she suggested knocking the door down because she feared something was really wrong. So he set the phone down and began to knock the door in. After a few kicks Michael heard some loud pops and felt some pressure. As he looked down he realized he had been shot in the chest. He yelled at Josh who opened the door. Laura recalls hearing loud noises then hearing Michael say, "Tell Lindsey I love her."

I told Michael I would stay up until he got back. I knew enough time had passed for him to be at Josh's house so I texted him. My text was followed by a phone call. Michael called and I was not expecting what I heard. I heard lots of noise then Michael's voice got stern and very direct as he instructed me. He told me Josh shot him and I needed to meet them at the hospital. He gave me specific instructions to tell Gavin he loved him everyday and that no matter what to never forget how much he loved me. I can not describe the feeling in my stomach. It just felt so unreal. I kept asking him where he was shot and he refused to tell me. He just kept saying "It's not good." Later Michael told me that he knew he would never see me at the hospital. He knew being shot on the left side of his chest and coughing up blood that this was the end. So He just talked to God, not pleading, just ready to see his Father.

As I was preparing to head to the hospital I received a call from Josh apologizing and telling me Laura arranged medflight to pick Michael up. At this moment I still wasn't sure where he had been shot. The race was on. I had to see my husband and have that assurance before he got on the helicopter. We arrived right as they were loading him onto the helicopter. I ran down the service  road yelling "That's my husband!" over and over. I got to see him responsive and smiling. A nurse even told me he was going to make it! phew! Just what I needed to hear.

Upon arrival at the hospital every one was stunned that he was the gunshot victim. He vitals were perfect and he was responsive. The bullet grazed his pericardium (the sac containing the heart), hit "something" and pierced his right lung. They inserted a chest tube to drain the blood off his lungs. No doctor or surgeon could explain what the bullet hit to make it change direction and pierce his right lung. It was a miracle. A miracle from the Most High. The Holy Spirit changed the direction of the bullet and saved my husbands life! The Holy Spirit also gave me a peace that really does pass all understanding. I had no idea how I was functioning or even not freaking out! It was very unlike me. Michael went home from the hospital a few days later and went back to work the following Monday!

We realize God performed this miracle for his glory. We were able to share his miracle and his workings in our lives to detectives, surgeons, doctors, nurses and visitors. Our God is still alive and working miracles! And he wants his people to share for his glory! The Lord saved my husband for a purpose and used our family for his glory.

I am very thankful to have my husband alive and that we are able to share all these moments together! This Thanksgiving I am extra thankful.

You can see the bullet on the left of the picture lodge in a rib sitting right above his liver.

A few weeks later at Baby Akers' gender reveal party. 
Oh did I mention she was 18 weeks pregnant when this all went down

There is no place we'd rather be then right in the center of the Lord's will.


  1. I get chills everytime! :) Thank you Jesus for keeping your sweet family safe!

  2. How awesome is our God? Wow! This is an amazing story and I am so glad your husband is ok!